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Island life – part 1

So I have decided to go back to my blog and write about my life on a small island named Malapascua. I have been living here for two months already, enough time to renew my visa, and enough time to adapt to "Filipino time", and to the simple lifestyle of the island. So this first… Continue reading Island life – part 1

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Chengdu – Panda Post!

I can't believe I finally saw pandas! They are so cute and fluffy! And lazy and funny... So here we are - Chengdu city in Sichuan province. This should be the culinary center of China, but I have to say that food is still quit difficult here. The problem is that they really like to… Continue reading Chengdu – Panda Post!

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Shanghai post #2

Shanghai old vs. modern Shanghai has two very common areas for tourists, the East side next to the Bund, and the West side of the city next to the French Concession. I recommend both areas, they are a bit different but both combine old and modern and very comfortable for tourists. We spent our last… Continue reading Shanghai post #2

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Shanghai post #1

It's been a few days already since we got to Shanghai, China and it has been very surprising and interesting. So far, Shanghai was very friendly and it turned out to very modern, but everybody told us that Shanghai is nothing like the rest of China. Shanghai is quit clean and very Western, and the… Continue reading Shanghai post #1

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Welcome to China!

So here I am! After 13 hours in the air I have landed in Shanghai! I had expected China to be very strange, and I thought I would feel like a complete stranger - 外国人 waiguoren, outsider. And most of the people I spoke to have prepared me to the fact that I won't be… Continue reading Welcome to China!


Ready to fly!

This is just a quick update, I'm at the airport, ready to take off. I packed a suitcase with 18 kg of cloths and my mermaid fin! My parents just laughed and said that take everything for a "trip back home" - #madeinchina So here are some videos for today, more updates will follow!

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Some updates from NEVERLAND

I am still here in Tel Aviv, trying to fit everything into a tight schedule, and I can't wait to start the journey. Just wanted to share what's going on on the little island of paradise, so thanks to John here are a few videos from this magical place. It all starts to come together!… Continue reading Some updates from NEVERLAND